I have team up with 1st Rowland Castle Scout Group and Hampshire County Council to offer the MiDAS training for Minibus Drivers.

Who should do this course: Anyone Driving a MiniBus

Course Duration: 4 Hours training Plus driving assessment 1.5 hour

Number of Participants: 8 Maximum

Cost: Training 1-8 People £120 driving assessment per person £30

Refresher training: 1-8 People £70 driving assessment per person £20

In the MiDAS minibus training I offer learner will

• receive up-to-date training in the skills and information needed to drive a minibus

• have your driving competence assessed to a county-wide standard

• be able to drive a minibus for any MiDAS member without needing to be reassessed

• on completion receive a MiDAS certificate

• receive a copy of the MiDAS Driver's Handbook

At the start of the training you will need to

Before your driving assessment of your driving ability takes place, you will be asked to:

• complete and sign a Driver Registration form

• produce your driving license

• undertake a simple eyesight check

First the theory

Classroom base it will take about 4hrs it can be delivered to group sizes 1 – 8 people it includes basic skills and information for driving minibuses after will have a good understanding of

• minibus equipment

• Safety issues.

• Walk-round checks

• Reversing and manoeuvring

• Minibus law

• Fitness to drive

• Breakdowns, collisions and emergency evacuation

You will also complete a Theory assessment 20 multiple choice question

Then the driving (can be a different day but must be with in 3 mouths)

The assessment lasts for about one hour on a 1 to 1 basis and includes:

• a demonstration drive by me so you can see the standard of driving expected

• driving under my supervision to familiarise yourself with the vehicle

• an assessment of your driving skills

Once you have passed your driving assessment, training and theory assessment, you receive:

Your MiDAS certificate which is valid for four years. After four years, you will need to undertake a Refresher Training session.

Refresher training

Driver certificates are valid for four years. All certificates are issued with an expiry date.

After four years you will need to attend a Refresher Training session. This will involve:

• a reassessment of your driving ability

• a classroom based training session

• a further theory assessment

Failure to attendIf you fail to attend your Refresher Training and your certificate expires, you can no longer drive minibuses owned or operated by MiDAS. This includes your organisation's minibuses.